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Coz WhatsApp generates attention

Digital marketing now includes Whatsapp marketing services. Advertisement via whatsapp includes multimedia along with text coz visuals attract more.

About us

Web WhatsApp Panel

A easy to use web portal to send whatsapp in bulk coz whatsapp marketing is now in.

No blocking Issue

Scared from getting banned by whatsapp by access usage of whatsapp.

Send WhatsApp Worldwide

Don't limit your popularity to one place. Advertise anywhere you want via WhatsApp

Become Reseller

You can earn with this WhatsApp Marketing too. Simply sell further and become our Reseller.

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing service

Every business needs to ‘spend money to make money’. Investing in marketing is no different. The most important advantage of marketing is therefore quite simply improving the businesses profits by boosting sales. Whatever you choose to do, you will need to carry out some sort of marketing if you hope to succeed in business and make a healthy profit. We help you to generate profit with our Bulk WhatsApp services.

Reach direct to customer eye

Social Media is in trend. So as WhatsApp media, reach direct to your customer phone and get some awesome potential leads.

  • Reach 1000 to 100k in one click
  • Keep updating them with your offers with eye catching visuals.
  • Get refunds of failed WhatsApp messages.

Economical Trend of Advertising

Branding yourself is important for every business niche. And when its cheap, it's a big add-on.

Reaching your service or product to numerous of client is important coz what people see more, will choose that and try. reaching direct to customer mobile with enticing visuals is a chance to grab the attention and crack the deal. let people know more about you. Spread yourself one step ahead with WhatsApp Marketing services.

Reseller or User

With our whatsapp mareting service you may earn in both ways. Popularity, reaches & Leads as a user OR can be part of our reseller category to sell further on your own.

  • White Label Reseleer panel on your company name & logo.
  • Quality service web panel to shoot Bulk whatsapp
  • Coz we earn only when you earn. So what we mention is what we provide.

No dependency, Easy to use Whatsapp Panel

Create and shoot your campaign on your own, no dependency, no special hiring to mange and monitor your WhatsApp campaign. Just few clicks and it's done.

For various fields of online Marketing you need special person to manage, monitor and run. But for our bulk whatsapp service you need to know, How to operate computer and that's it. Just few simple steps and you can reach upto 100k people in one click via long text or image or video. Also, we are here to guide you with demo, how to shoot videos, screen share, etc.



Long Text

Don't limit when you write about yourself. Write upto 2000 character and elaborate your service or product.


Send Image

Send good quality Image, inforaphic (.jpg,.png,.gif) upto 5 MB along with nice caption upto 600 character.



Placing yourself in client gallery is a add on. Send video(.avi,.mp4,.mov) upto 10 MB with creative caption.



Having problem in sending long doc. Send pdf (Brochure, templates, profile, etc.) upto 5 MB with our WhatsApp Panel.


Easy Refund

You will be charge only for sent messages. Failed messages will be refunded to you and you can use them later too.


Long Term Plan

It's not just a one time usage panel. Get lifetime usage of panel and credits will work for you upto one Year. So, don't think you misspend.

How WhatsApp Marketing Benefits

As Whatsapp platform needs no introduction, how popular and well usage of this app not just in one nation but world wide. It's a priary app you find almost in every mobile phone. This is both cost effective and generate more quality leads in short time duration.

Reach Worldwide

Broadcast yourself not just in one nation, when the rest of world is here to welcome you.

No Banning

As we use virtual number to send WhatsApp messages, Banning will have no effects on you.

InExpensive Ad

Where Marketing costs too much. Whatsapp marketing with our platform is very reasonable.


Reaching lakhs of people with direct notification is spare your too much time and effort.


What people say about us with our Whatsapp marketing platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have WhatsApp API for Integration?

    No, We don't provide API of WhatsApp. Our Service is only used for Branding, Promotion, Advertising and passing information.

  • Hey, with this whatsapp panel you can't get reply of customer as we use virtual number but you can mention your numbers in the message and interested people will contact you and that's how you convert your leads.

  • You can find individual reports after 24 hours of the campaign and within 3 days of the campaign in your panel. But if you want to export it in excel then you have to made reqest to us and the campaign min. quantity is 20000 for getting reports in excel because we need to get it from backened and took time.

  • Delivery assurance is 65% to 75% and the credits for the failed numbers get refunded in your account whereas in Report they appear as failed numbers.

  • The messages will be delivered within 2-3 hours max(depending on the Number Quantity). Also, the queue and traffic on route.

  • You can pay by various means like in our direct account, paypal. on our website, via UPI. We will provide you invoice for the same. Cheques are not accepted.